Clinics We Offer



You should receive invitations for immunisations automatically at the appropriate times. If, however, you do not receive one, please contact the clinic.

a baby

Baby Vaccinations

A clinic is held every Monday afternoon and on a Tuesday and Friday morning. We can also organise other times/days to suit you.

You will be sent a notification from Child Health when immunisations are due.


Flu Vaccinations

A regular vaccinations against the 'flu virus clinic is held each year. We recommend the elderly and people with chronic lung disease and chronic heart disease have the vaccination. You will receive your invitation to book your vaccination in August, with the clinics usually being held in late September or early October.


Family Planning

The practice provides a comprehensive range of family planning services including coils, implants and yearly pill checks. For contraceptive advice please book an appointment to see the Nurse Practitioner, Prescribing nurse or your doctor. If you want a repeat prescription of your contraceptive, in order to obtain your supply, you will need to book an annual pill check with a member of the nursing team.

a person taking their blood sugar level

Diabetic Clinic

The clinic sees all diabetics anually for assessment, advice and appropriate treatment and is run weekly by the practice nurse and your doctor.


Dermatology Clinic

A special "skin clinic" is run three days a week by Dr David Price and Dr Thomas who both have a special interest in Dermatology. A referral is required from your own GP to be seen in the Dermatology Clinic

a person having their blood pressure taken


As well as treatment from their own doctor, patients with hypertension are monitored and advised by the practice nurse. You can also check your blood pressure without making an appointment. There is a patient friendly machine in our waiting room. You will be asked to hand your result to the Patient Services Administrator, who will arrange for it to be reviewed by the nurse. If there are any problems or concerns, the nurse will contact you.

a person with a hand on their shoulder

Joint Injections

Drs Thomas, Harvey and Price are able to administer steroid injections in and around joints so we request you discuss with one of them if you think you requre a steroid (cortisone) injection. Before considering an injection we advise you read the information on the ARC UK webiste which is very useful.

You will be required to sign a consent form prior to this procedure.


Weight Reducing

One You East Sussex along with Gloji can provide patients a free digital weight loss programme. Please visit for more information.


INR Clinics

The nurses run clinics for warfarin monitoring on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.